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Software Testing: Why RBCS?

Our People

  • Our principals include published, international experts in the area of hardware and software testing
  • We have established leadership in outsource testing with partners in India, Korea, Japan and Israel
  • Our skilled test engineers, test leaders, and test managers hold ISTQB software tester certifications and are all trained using Rex Black's world-acclaimed materials

Our Process

  • We use a proven, open source test process to plan, prepare, perform, and perfect the test process, described in Rex Black's book titled Critical Testing Processes
  • Our adaptive, non-prescriptive test process is customized for you, the client
  • We focus on your specific project and key risk areas, saving you time and money
  • Our IT outsourcing process requires rigorous screening and constant performance monitoring which ensures higher quality employees

Our Technological Focus

  • We have expertise in all types of hardware and software testing, across all major application domains and technologies
  • We blend our testing and technological knowledge with domain knowledge as well as our understanding of system design and implementation to create effective, efficient tests
  • We apply software testing and quality assurance throughout the development lifecycle, not just at the very end
  • We have expertise with open-source and commercial testing tools

Our Resources

  • Our notable partnerships give us access to the best resources and tools for the job
  • We have a library with hundreds of articles, presentations, case studies, examples, templates, reports, assessment data, analytical tools, and databases that can be customized for a project or used to prepare for testing certification
  • Many of these software testing resources are available to our clients during and after the project, so our clients have access to the most up-to-date resources in the software testing industry
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Customer Quote
“I was very impressed with the breadth and depth of Rex's knowledge of the quality and test processes. The material was very relevant to my current situation. I was able to take away a 10-point plan of action to improve my own testing processes. Specifically, the metrics discussion alone was invaluable." An RBCS course attendee